Here are some links which may help with your move.  
Valley5  does not offer these links with any recommendations or endorsements. These are merely places that we or our clients regularly visit and use. Some are our clients or suppliers. Valley 5 has no particular relationship with any of these organisations, other than Unique Strata and neither gives nor receives any inducements or commissions from them and you should of course make your own informed and professionally advised decisions, especially before spending money.

Newcastle City Council

Hunter Business Chamber

Newcastle Business Enterprise Centre

Fairtrading NSW  Renting a home

Unique Strata for personal yet professional Strata and Community management
Teys Lawyers - a blog from a law firm which we have found very informative and entertaining 

Flat Chat - Jimmy Thompson seems as passionate about getting better service, logic and justice into strata and community living as we are. We have found his writing to be quick witted, articulate and a great read.

The Owners Corporation Network is run by a group of dedicated owners who strive to inform folks of their rights and responsibilities and work towards improvements in strata living.

Green Strata is a  resource for those looking to live more sustainably in strata or community schemes. Folks on this site have done a lot of hard work that will be useful to many.

Strata Living Booklet

Living in a Community Scheme Booklet


Who's responsible? An easy to follow list from the ISTM of what's yours and what's the Owners Corproration's responsibility.

 Strata Schemes Management Act

Strata Schemes Management Regulations

Coffee that we find drinkable in a nice atmosphere in Newcastle (Suspension in Islington doesn't appear to have a website)

Traditional Feng Shui
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